About Nike Air Huarache

The (much longed-fore) return of the 91 classic, Nike Air Huarache has made sneaker freaks stocking up the model in stacks of boxes all over the globe. The shoe that was once the latest technology (in 91) is now turning into a strong legend on the street culture scene. Its unique popularity gains its interest in its comfortable fit, and iconic silhouette that separate this classic from all the rest. From the US to the streets of London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo to any where there would be a street wear scene worthy of international respect, you will see the Nike Air Huarache today.

The triple white Womens Nike Air Huarache has plenty of solid attributes assigned to it that would make you want to turn this 91 Classic into your new favourite sneaker. The comfort of the sock-like function, boosted by the rubber heel cage for stability combined with the soft cushioning creates a feeling of walking on clouds all day of wearing them.

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